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1982 BMW E21

Story and History

1982 BMW E21 323i Baur Cabriolet - 52.000 miles only

An immaculate example of these unusual little BMW's

Brilliantly this has the top of the range 2.3 litre straight 6 with electronic fuel injection

Typically German in its' understatement the only distinguishing visual features are the small boot badge and a second exhaust pipe on the off side

Also typically German is the build quality, which in the early 1980's was far and beyond what other's could emulate

Performance though was quite exceptional, and these were quite expensive cars in their day, so few were delivered and naturally fewer exist now - especially in such original condition

Everything is as it would have been in a BMW dealers second hand section when 3 years old or so - optional sports steering wheel, the BBS alloys, radio, graphic equaliser and the wonderful Pioneer TS168 3 way speakers - imagine this blaring out Duran Duran or Depeche Mode in period, the height of the New Romantic era

On the road the handling is great fun with an abundance of "tail out" opportunities for those desirous of such hoodlam behaviour, for the rear end on these overpowered cars was not held down so well....

Anyhow, fortunately ours has had a minor revision to the suspension which if you look closely you can see is slightly lowered and therefore a tad more taught

The grip is great for we have just fitted 4 brand new Avon tyres, completed a full service inspection number 2 (full cam belt service in our parlance) and fully trimmed the seats in tan hide too

We have kept the original cloth trim for posterity, just in case

50.000 miles or so are all that have been covered and having been supplied by premier BMW dealership, Hexagon's of Highgate, she comes complete with the original book pack, instruction manual, service voucher booklet, sundry MoT's / bills, a re-trimmed hard top and new mohair tonneau cover together with the original vinyl item

Early BMW 3 series are now much sought after and a rare example like this, in wonderful condition is even more so


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