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1965 Ferrari 330GT

Story and History

1965 Ferrari 330GT Vignale Special Shooting Brake - Totally Unique

What an unusual treat we have here, for those multi-faceted individuals with a penchant for Ferrari, Italian coachbuilding, and totally unique motorcars.

As we know the Ferrari 330 was debuted in 1964, as the successor to the 250 series of V12 cars. This car, chassis number 7963, was originally supplied in December of 1965. It left the Ferrari factory as a 330GT 2 2 in Rosso red with Italver beige interior.

In 1967, the car was sold to Luigi 'Coco' Chinetti Jr. the son of Luigi Chinetti, the famous Ferrari racer and USA factory dealer for Ferrari. Chinetti Sr. was a twelve-time entrant and three-time winner of the Le Mans 24h, and a two-time winner of the Spa 24h race. He and his family emigrated to the US of A shortly after the start of the Second World War, and whilst there he worked alongside Alfred Momo as a technician.

Following the Second World War, & having established a name for himself and for the brand by driving the first Ferrari to victory at Le Mans and giving them several other wins thereafter, he was well-respected by Enzo Ferrari. Chinetti made a deal with Ferrari, establishing the first Ferrari factory agency and dealership across the pond. His son, Luigi, was heavily involved in the business and also fanatical about the brand.

Bob Peak was a famous commercial designer, described as “the father of the modern movie poster”, who amongst other things was friends with the Chinetti's and also was involved in designing cars. Peak was commissioned by Chinetti Jr. to work on the designs for what would become his 330GT Vignale. With the designs prepared, they chose Carrozzeria Vignale to undertake the transformation of the 330GT.

Chinetti Jr. had the car sent to Carrozzeria Vignale in Turin. He commissioned the eponymous Alfredo Vignale to create what would become the second Ferrari ever to wear shooting brake style coachwork. Interestingly this was the last ever Ferrari to be coachbuilt by Alfredo Vignale, as he unfortunately was to meet his untimely demise shortly after in 1969.

The car was displayed at the 50th Annual Turin Motor Show in 1968, before Chinetti Jr. took delivery of the vehicle. At the show it wore metallic brown and gold paintwork. Writing for American magazine Sports Car World, Jerry Sloniger commented- “Vignale should do well with their '68 offerings... Most intriguing, (not to be confused with most tasteful) Vignale offering a yellow and off-brown station wagon with imitation yellow fur rug in the luggage compartment, parcel rail on the roof and air conditioning. Coco Chinetti and Bob Peak expect to sell several dozen a year.”

It must have been an astounding sight for the salesmen and technicians to hear the 4-Litre Columbo V12 engine roaring down the street and then this car arrive at the Chinetti showrooms in 1969, resplendent in its two-tone paintwork. He also used the car at his holiday residence in Florida, where it certainly must have looked more at home than in Connecticut (where the main Ferrari business was based) and the prevailing conditions are decidedly less exotic.

With it's practical seating for 4 adults plus luggage in its carvernous leather lined boot, electric windows, power steering and air conditioning, it has got to be the most usable and practical Ferrari of the era, and equally striking whether outside the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, the Beverly Wilshire in LA, the Waldorf Astoria in New York, or the Dorchester in London.

Chinetti obviously decided it was time to let the Ferrari move on after some years, as in 1977 the car was for sale with Thorobred motorcar, for the princely sum of $29500. Later it was purchased by Mr. Jean-Claude Paturau of France (known as Patch), a well known man in the elegant world of Concours d'Elegance. A man with extraordinary taste (he had also the Lamborghini Flying Star II, Daytona 365GTB/4 Shooting Brake, iron block 300SL and aluminium block revision amongst many others).

The vehicle is eligible, for numerous concours events, and indeed was recently invited to display for the Goodwood Cartier Style et Luxé,

Many other famous outigns can be acknowledged, such as the 1996 Louis Vuitton Concours d'Elegance at Bagatelle, the 2000 Défilé d'Elégance Automobile at the Golf and Tennis Club of Valescure in Saint Raphael, and the 2001 Villa d'Este Concours in Cerno-Chernobbio. Therefore, the vehicle is a unique passport for anyone who wishes to gain access to these prestigious events.

There is a large amount of supporting documentation for this car, and also a large amount of paperwork and history surrounding the car. It has been featured in a large number of Ferrari books and publications, including “Ferrari Models” in October 2001, December 2001's Classic and Sports Car, Italian magazine “Ruote Classiche” in 2002, Octane's '60 years of Ferrari Supercars' - which includes interesting information from Chinetti Jr. himself, who talks about the styling and development of the car.

In summary, quite the piece for any collector of European exotica, even more so being Vignale's last work, with the Chinetti connection, and design by the late Bob Peak. This has to be one of the best European and American collaborations for design in Ferrari's long and illustrious history. Presently on display and ready to view in our Kensington showrooms.


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