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1994 Ferrari F355

Story and History

1994 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta - Manual Gears

The ultimate specification for the most desirable 355 mid nineties, mid engined Ferrari

Dual intake, which as we all know is the slightly faster version, Berlinetta which, of course, is the prettier version, 6 speed manual gears, which is the better version and Rosso Corsa with Crema hides which is the quintessential vserion

So all in all, every box ticked

What's next? Well the complete tool kit is still present, as is the original book pack and service voucher booklet, with confirmation that this 355 was UK supplied, through Lancaster Garages, Colchester, in September 1994, has had 14 services through the last 22 years including no less than 6 Cam Belt changes

One in 2014 and another last year too, just because the last owner is, well just so fastidious that he was prepared to do it twice just to make sure!

He also had Bob Houghton, who did the last belt change, re-trim the interior console, seats and hand brake cover in new Crema hides and reshape the seats at the same time

Running perfectly, and actually even for a 355 this one is extremely fast, for we have used her over a weekend here and there and at 48.000 miles is truly in stonking condition and looks, feels and drives as though less than half this mileage has been covered

This is one of the very first examples to be produced, as we know it's either the first or the last please

3.5 litres, V8, 5 valves per cylinder (hence 355 - 3.5 litres & 5 valves) and 375BHP @ 8.250 RPM

All this in 1994 - no wonder these cars were such a hit in period and are seriously considered today (top speed over 180MPH and 4.5 seconds to 60 MPH - phew) This keeps a Countach, Boxer, Testa Rossa honest!

Prices are, as we know, on the up for these wonderous driving and looking machines, so get a good one whilst you have the chance


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