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1983 AC Cobra

Story and History

1983 AC Cobra MK IV - side oiler 427 & Hurst top loader gearbox

A truly superb example in stunning condition

Performance is, as you would expect, simply extraordinary and if you are not used to this type of acceleration, it actually does take your breath away

Subject to an extensive and expensive rebuild just a few years ago, there is a dyno sheet confirming well over 400 bhp ( 419 actually )

Correct 1960's MK III fascia and instruments, wind wings, sharks gills, nudge bars, side pipes, racing stripes, 4 point harnesses, cockpit extinguisher, bonnet scoop, twin wipers ( as opposed to triple ), roll hoop, Le Mans quick release filler cap, full weather equipment in mohair & 15" Halibrand wheels ensure this 427 is never mistaken for anything but a 1960's example

She runs a 4 barrel Holley which simplifies her running and starting, which provides a more convenient spread of ample torque too

The engine bay is similarly like new - we attended to this last year and carried out some intricate tuning to make this one of the best running 427's we've come across

A correct and original factory produced MK IV, acknowledged by the register at the AC Owners Club, fitted with a period correct 427 side oiler engine and Hurst top loader, 4 speed gearbox, on the button and ready to go - we don't think another such exists


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