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1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray LT-1

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Story and History

Small block with solid lifter engine
Complete interior retrim
Extremely rare

The Corvette C3 is one of the most well known shapes in Classic motoring and yet they are so under-rated as drivers cars, especially if you know which ones to find

There were so many different engine options, as well as updated bodywork that the later versions have sullied the elegance of all of the pre-73 models.

The chrome bumper versions were only available for 5 years and then the rubber bumper examples, only brought about by the impending US safety regulations, continued in production for a further 9 years, so the chrome bumper versions were not only pure, prettier, but less prevalent as well

There are the small block engines and the big block, with the big block pumping out lots of torque with a hefty weight penalty in the handling stakes

Initially there was no alternative in terms of power output from the small block until 1970 when the 350cu in V8 was optioned with the 'solid lifter' engine, giving a red line of 6.500rpm rather than the previous 5.500rpm

More over these engines span up through the rev range with alacrity, so acceleration was up there with the big boys

Plus these LT-1 engines gave the chassis the ability to handle more like a European sports car of the period, hence they are the Holy Grail in our eyes

They are also rarer than the big block, as they were only available for 3 years (1970 - 1972) whereas the big block was available from 1968 - 1974 and even in the 3 year period they were rarer as they were more expensive too

The LT-1 engine option accounted for only 6.45% of production (the big block was 14.49%) and it was 64% more expensive as an option, hence you could see why the big block was favoured, if you didn't understand the nuance.......

The example we have for your delectation is finished in Pewter Silver (has a delicate light green hue) which is the rarest colour for 1972 at 5.08%, finished with tan leather interior, sundym glass, Corvette over mats, 'T' Top storage bags, Goodridge White letter tyres, twin door mirrors & a period Clarion cassette stereo with graphic equalizer - she must be one of only a few in Europe

She was given a partial restoration 3 years ago, as the interior was somewhat in need (the previous owner enjoyed her for over 30 years) and at the same time the engine was removed, not for an engine rebuild for that was far from necessary, only for a complete engine bay detailing, new tyres and various mechanical updates

The interior is in mint condition therefore, original paintwork (not concours but highly original) which only attracts her to you more

Since which time hardly any mileage has been covered, which is why all we have had to attend to is the rear suspension bushing * ancilliaries

The sound as you spin up the engine is like nothing else, and whilst sitting in traffic the idle gives you an impression of impending sensory overload !

Amazing value for money in our eyes, rarer than a period E Type of similar quality, faster and more exciting

Remember the LT-1 was the basis for the ZR-1, a street legal racing version which only accounted for 0.07% of sales and prices nowadays are well into the hundreds of thousands, if you can find one


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Engine Size
5.7 litre
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
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