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2008 Lamborghini Gallardo

Story and History

Full Lamborghini Service History

21,000 miles for new

Classic Lambo colours

Lamborghini are by their nature, a little special.

When one sees or hears a Lamborghini on the road one can't help but look. Regardless of whether if it is a 1960's classic, a dramatic 1980's car, or a more modern example screaming away down the road, they always garner attention.

Completely in keeping with Lamborghini's bold heritage of design, the Gallardo was striking, a little crazy, and incredibly futuristic. It became the most successful production car for Lamborghini at the time and it is clear why.

As always, the Gallardo adorned many a bedroom wall in poster form - true to all Lamborghini's before

The first generation Gallardo kicked it all off with a lovely 5 Litre even firing V10 with either a 6-speed manual or at the time a much more modern flappy paddle gearbox, or e-gears as Lamborghini refer to it. By the time Lamborghini had put the e-gears into the Gallardo they were very good gearboxes indeed - quick, smooth and very efficient.

Our lovely car is one of the very last of the first generations and was specified very well with coloured alloys, bright yellow bodywork often seen on Lamborghini posters, full black hides inside with yellow stitching, and as mentioned the quicker selecting e-gear flappy paddle box.

She has been maintained to within an inch of her life, by each of the very few owners and remains in immaculate condition with only 21.000 miles since new

The Lamborghini service voucher booklet, shows 11 service stamps - all at Official dealers no less

There is another service, most recently being a major service by Lamborghini Monaco, which included the all important e-gear box hoses, last July

Of course the guys in Monaco forgot to stamp the book (!!) we do have the invoice on file anyhow

We list below the extend of the maintenance throughout

2,596 miles - 23rd November 2009
4,070 - 27th October 2010
5,175 - 18th January 2012
6,740 - 28th February 2013
7,731 - 28th February 2014
8,259 - 10th July 2014
11,179 - 22nd June 2015
13,473 - 27th July 2016
15,469 - 18th July 2017
18,426 - 5th July 2019
20,000 circa. - 2020

Many Lamborghini's are driven hard and hardly looked after - this exceptional example is a joy and most unusual

The last owner, a good friend to us here, is a true enthusiast, whether for his motorcycles (he has 50 in his collection!), cars, boats or his helicopters, all of which are maintained regardless of cost

So this is not one to miss, and is made more special by being one of the last of the first, as the first generation ended in 2008, and the second generation began.



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