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2013 Lamborghini Aventador

Story and History

Unapologetically capable

Excellent specification

Low miles & owners

As the spiritual successor to the bonkers Countach, the Aventador had a lot of name and pedigree to live up to. Couple that with the demands of modern life and car use and the scope of intelligence that goes into the production of a car like this becomes very clear

The performance figures are quite mad.... Nearly 700bhp from the 6.5 litre V12 propelling the occupant or occupants to silly speeds very quickly. 60 comes up in less than 3 seconds on a grippy surface with a slight following wind

Carbon ceramic breaks are fitted to arrest all of that power and momentum as well as inboard suspension, active aero etc etc. It's all very nerdy but translates into something quite visceral once at the controls

Around town she is surprisingly docile and, although you'd never have guessed it with all the modes in what I like to call "pottering position" shes actually quite quiet & tame in stop start slow moving traffic

A vast improvement then from her predecessors

Presented in a rather lovey shade of purple with a targa top and cream hide interior her lovely low miles and only 2 previous keepers mean she still in tip top condition

The wild looks and astronomical performance figures certainly pay homage to her lineage but within is a more friendly caring car, dare I say it usable every day (she even has a button to lift the nose)

We're getting a few more of these mega modern cars through the doors at the moment and have others waiting in the wings....


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