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2008 Spyker C8 Spyder

Story and History

Wonderfully eccentric

Lovely low miles

Very Rare

We're very excited to have another of these fantastic supercars available with us again, having supplied them new when they were first launched as Official UK Agents

Spyker were formed as a manufacturer of cars by two Dutch brothers in the late 19 Century, however had turned their hand to aircraft manufacturing in 1914 for reasons all too obvious

At the turn of the 21st century Spyker was relaunched as a producer of the highest quality handmade performance cars and motorsport competitor with ventures into both Le Mans & Formula 1

Their road cars used the 4.2 V8 from an Audi R8 running 400bhp through a six speed manual gearbox, rack & pinion steering and hardly any electronic interference making them some of the most exciting cars around, and today in a world of dual clutch automatics with traction control and active aero an increasingly rare driving experience

Production numbers were extremely limited with only circa 380 Spykers' ever being produced and the Sypder is our complete favourite, with the sensational frameless windscreen giving a driving experience no other modern convertible can

This particular car is a very late example of the C8 Spyder in the most striking combination of Gunmetal with Tropicana leather, and rather pleasingly the most recent owner has put in sitchu the beautiful Aeroblade steering wheel from the earlier cars

That steering wheel, the aircraft propellor inspired air vents, exposed gear linakes, turned aluminum fascia & some of the most detailed and fine quality leather work make the cabin one of the most special of any car ever

Another delicate upgrade graciously bestowed upon her by the most recent owner is the special way in which the Aeroblade Alloy wheels have been polished to give them the irresistible shine that suits her oh so well

Her bespoke suspension is not only capable of handling some serious performance and stunning to look at but remarkably supple and together with the very comfortable bucket seats make for a car that could easily whisk you off touring for 1000s of miles

Indeed the Spyker logos, optioned here to be in the headrests, reads “Nulla tenaci invia est via” or 'For the tenacious, no road is impassable'. For the Spyker this is certainly true as a path soon clears wherever the C8 arrives - shortly followed by the sound of camera shutters clicking in admiration

The rarity and quality of these cars make them extremely collectable, a true enthusiasts car rarely available & utterly desirable


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