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1973 Citroen SM

Story and History

Very unusual

Superb original condition

Well known to the marque experts

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The Citroen SM was innovation in car form, so often manufacturers get into the routine of making cars to a formula they forget about the art form. Citroen certainly didn't here

They bought Maserati in 1968 with the intention of combining the far superior engines of Maserati with their ultra sophisticated suspension in order to create the world's leading grand tourer

As far as nailing the design brief is concerned the SM got 10's across the board and won the 1972 U.S. Motor Trend Car of the Year award to prove it, still today few cars will match the SM's ability to cruise silently, comfortably and at speed down the Autoroute

The otherworldly design, almost reminiscent of a Spaceship, leaves you finding new angles and features from which to admire her nearly every day

It's not only quirkiness for quirkinesses sake though. When we first went to see the car at the most recent owners home he proudly remarked to us how there is not a single right angle on the body, an ingenious solution meant to eradicate wind noise

The designers had their heads on when making this one!

The ergonomics of the interior are equally deliberate, like the position of the temperature & fuel gauges pointed neatly towards the driver in such a way they persistently sit perfectly in your peripheral

Our car was supplied new in Valence France, sort of halfway between Cannes & Lyon, she still has her original French registration plate as well as the handbooks & manuals of course

Having been fastidiously looked after by Brodie Engineering for most of her life, the real authority on these cars, we've been reliably informed this example is as good as one could hope to find

We of course did think that ourselves but it's always nice to get a second opinion

Brodie engineering also told us that they have done all the expected upgrades other than uprated air conditioning to make her an easily usable everyday car

Her original paint is so fantastic it can't even be described as patinered because it's so much better than that. Similarly the interior is completely original, the leather never having been connolised showing only the slightest signs of wear - the steering wheel is the only area that isn't original having recently been re-trimmed in very soft leather

She's so good that recently Stuart Ager of Brodie Engineering featured her in his book on SM's

We do always like to have some of the more unusual cars in our stable, variety really is the spice of life, and think that this SM would sit well in any collection anywhere in the world


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Engine Size
2.7 litre
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual
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