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1976 Triumph Stag

Story and History

1976 Triumph Stag Auto - 7.600 miles only

I was amazed when I first heard about the possibility of getting hold of this incredible car - didn't think it could be as original as described

Well it is, as fortunately waxoil has been liberally applied to all areas since new - inner wing cavities, boot lid, bonnet lid and doors as well as a complete under sealing too

So we have an unmolested, 38 year old car which is still completely original and as it left the factory

Carpets, trim, chrome and paintwork are unmolested

There is the odd scuff here and there but this Stag really is quite incredible to behold

The soft top and rear screen are immaculate - apparently have not been used in the last 30 years!

In fact when we removed the hard top it was clear that this is indeed the case. The soft top well is as dry as a bone and even the plastic sheeting still sits under the rear seat cushion

First registered in January 1976 as a demonstrator for Wadham Stringer in Southsea, Portsmouth - their tax disc holder and the Leyland Supercover sticker remain on the windscreen

As a 1976 example she is the later version of the MKII giving her the alloy wheels as standard and also the bright sill finishers as well as the previously standard equipment of power steering, sundym glass and electric windows

As is always the case with BL alloys of the period they were lacquer coated and this went off pretty quickly making the wheels variously silver through to almost gold in colour

Wadham Stringer sold the Stag to her first private owner after 6 months in July 1976 - a Terence Netherill of the same town

He kept the Stag until 1982 at which point 2.730 miles had been covered

The second private owner took her home to join his open top Bentley S3 Continental and his fixed head Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III Continental - she was in very good company and, as you may expect, kept in a heated motor house on axle stands and brought out for high days and holidays only

In fact the mileage hardy changed between purchase in 1982 and 2006 at which point it was 5.699

Shortly after this a full service was carried out and new tyres fitted to all wheels, including the spare since when a little more use has seen the mileage zip up to the now heady heights of 7.500

In use everything operates correctly, with for instance the windows racing down and more importantly, up again at the same rate!!

Even the oil on the dip stick (I know this sounds weird) is the cleanest we've seen and when she starts up, it's on the button and then she purrs like a kitten

The book pack is complete with service record booklet, instruction manual, Leyland Supercover paperwork and the radio instruction manual


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