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1972 Range Rover

Story and History

1972 Range Rover Classic - 'A' chassis series in restored condition

A complete gem offered to us by a gentleman who has spent two years dedicated to the complete restoration of this beauty

We haven't had a very early 2 door for a while now, and this is due to both their rarity and also the fact that most which have been offered to us are not up to scratch in terms of condition or driving experience (plenty look good but are a mess to drive)

Thankfully this tasty looking example (Lincoln Green with sundym glass, headrests and power steering ensure, that for most, it is the ultimate spec) is one of the rare examples which we are happy to enjoy ourselves and for others to enjoy too

Rebuilt engine with new cam shaft, oil pump, big and small end shells, heads and gaskets all round, carburettors, electrical systems, water pump, gearbox, suspension, brakes, clutch, power steering system, master and slave servos, cooling system, complete repaint, new tyres, new braking system, new fuel system, new seat trim, new carpets, new seat belts, new headlining, new wiper arms, new rubber seals, restored instruments etc etc

Still to be run in she is presented in complete and wonderful condition

Every bill for the restoration accompanies the car - a total of nearly �20.000 for parts, painting and trim, let alone the labour hours (500 ) spent putting everything together

A heritage certificate confirms that she is indeed an early example of the hard to discover 'A" chassis series


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