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1972 Porsche 911

Story and History

1972 Porsche 911 2.4S - fully restored condition

A perfect UK specification RHD 2.4S coupe in a brilliant period colour

As with many 2.4S in period, they were almost as fast as the famed 2.7RS and so many found their ways onto the racing scene in various forms

Some were campaigned in correct guise and others we passed off as 2.7RS's and in the later years when the values were much lower many enthusiasts, who couldn't afford a real RS, had a replica made from another 911

Some of the of most expensive were based on a 2.4S of the period and ours, in this form, had lived on the road like this for many years - even having been sold through the hallowed portals of "Maxted-Page" (an old colleague of mine from Jack Barclay days)

Shortly thereafter our French chum Charles, purchased the Porsche and in late 2014 decided to he wanted her back to her original self

Entrusted with the amazing team of Sportwagen (those who know, know) he embarked on a truly 'Holy Grail' restoration

Over £100.000 has been lavished and the result is stunning - CD with photo's before, during and after abound in the large history folder

He found a correct 2.4 period S engine and had this rebuilt by Jazz

He took her down to his South of France pad after completion in early 2016 and then after using her for less than a year in the South of France, he again rebuilt it at the end of 2016

This time with 230hp - the normal being 190hp (the RS as we all know had 210hp) and she is a real jewel with a really nice thrum to the engine note at idle and also higher up in the rev range

Sarl Caruso & Fils who know their Porsche's did this for him as the chief engineer was a specialist in these engines in period

We know 911's really well, having owned T's, E's, S's, RS', Carrera's and Turbo's from the 1970's and this is one of the best we've ever had


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