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1971 Rover 3.5

Story and History

1971 Rover 3.5 litre P5B Coupe - 36.000 miles only

Released in September 1967 the P5B quickly became a British icon for the Establishment, being the choice of transport for British Governmental Ministers, until the late 1980's, including Prime Ministers; Wilson, (who had a pipe holder in his), Heath, Callaghan & of course Mrs. Thatcher

The Royal Mews also had a P5B in their stable; well, they would, wouldn't they?

The transformation from the 3.0 litre, 6 cylinder P5 into what became the B series was harmonised with the aluminium 3.5 litre V8, designed by Buick and perfected by Rover (hence the 'B' suffix for Buick)

In this original format the engine is free revving, with a crisp exhaust note and a fabulous burble in traffic or just at idle – the journalist's lapped it up and the showroom traffic swelled with excited Senior Management types – you know, Bowler Hats, Umbrella's and Brief Cases all round

The unit in one form or another continued in production into the 1990's with hot versions for the likes of TVR (up to 5.0 litres), and the Classic Range Rover too (4.2 litres).

Here we welcome back this tremendous Rover P5B Coupe, first owned by us in 2011, at which point only 29.000 miles had been covered since new

We have sold her twice now, and the last owner based in Devon, is a fastidious car collector and Roger Moore fan and during his ownership only 500 miles have been added to the original milage

He has only released her as he has found a similar Aston Martin DB2/4 in original unmolested condition

The previous owner had added 5.500 miles, mainly by his chauffeur even though he has a stable rather fine lovlies (Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley etc.)

The original owner, Mr. Spiller, kept a very tidy log of his tenure and it is his continued delicacy which has ensured the originally of the Rover

The original purchase invoice was the first item to be kept (supplied by his local Rover Dealership, Newmil Service Station, Lymington) on the 1st of January '71.

Mr Spiller kept her until 1996 at 13,000 miles only and logged in the file a copy of every MOT & Tax disc in his care during this period.

The history file is a treat, dating back even to the first service, carried out at the supplying dealer in March 1971 at 1.113 miles, to the cost for which was an earth shattering £2:24

Funny that – in 1971 January the purchase invoice would have been in the old money period Pounds, Shillings & Pence and then the first service bill in March 1971 was after Decimalisation in February 1971, anyway we digress

The history file is complete with tax discs, old MoT's, all the original book packs with the instruction manuals, service booklet and the usual assorted manufacturers Bumph, as well as the other paperwork plus the most recent invoices for works carried by our team (radiator, KenLow fan and Electronic Ignition etc. etc.)

Finished in the correct two-tone paint finish Admiralty Blue & Silver Birch Top, Buckskin interior (with Rover over mats to protect the carpets - as shown in the boot photo) and Seat Belts (automatic) - the period description for the then new Inertia Reel system, still in use today, she is in original and unmolested condition

Everything works as intended, with the drinks tray in the rear seat armrest almost untouched, similarly the battery cover with the correct bracket, the jack / brace too and the tool tray being as good as when a couple of years

Don't be fooled that this car is as smart as a fully restored motor car - the brilliant thing is, that it's completely original and nowadays, more than unusual

The doors open and close like no others and the controls for the driver are the same for instance

We haven't seen an example of the P5B which hasn't been restored in this condition - ever


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