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2009 Shelby Daytona

Story and History

2009 Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe II

This incredible machine is simply stunning - both the behold and to drive

Unparalleled performance with both handling and braking to match

Carol Shelby, (sadly missed) who had the first car which was to arrive in the US impounded, found it to be such a phenomenal machine that he sanctioned them and now they carry his name, CSX chassis numbers and are eligible for registration within the Shelby register

This particular Coupe is unusual in that it is LHD, has a light interior (nearly every other has been built with black), has a Corvette LS3 engine and the Brock special centre lock alloy wheels too

Only 8.000 miles have been traveled since the only owner commissioned the Coupe and took delivery

He has owned various amazing cars in the past, not least of which is an original Shelby 427 Cobra, MKIV Cobra, E Type chassis number 61 etc etc

Since taking delivery he has had the exhaust system, at vast expense, completely re-designed to reduce heat emitted within the engine bay - by the way the sound of this motor car from those fabuous side pipes, is simply amazing

Truly authentic in creation the original chassis designer (Peter Brock), suspension designer (Bob Negstad) and road tester (Jim Price) were employed to create this, homage to their original design

Only 6 Daytona's were built in the 1960's to beat Ferrari - which, famously, they did very successfully - and of course they were track cars

What the team created here was their vision for the Daytona as a road car and in the modern manner, as well as being more than capable of running a track day and then being driven back home afterwards

Rose jointed independent suspension, (original had leaf springs), 6 speed Tremac gearboxes, low emissions, electric tinted windows, power steering, air conditioning, leather interiors all go towards making these cars really usable and tractable whilst at the same time offering simply mind blowing performance

They also look a million dollars whilst, fortunately, not making such a substantial dent in your pocket

What's not to like.......


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