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1969 Land Rover Velar

Story and History

1969 Land Rover Velar - "The Oldest Range Rover In The World" - Under Offer

As the title says there is no older Range Rover anywhere in this World - or any other for that matter

Chassis 100/6 was built, by hand, as an engineering prototype in August 1969, used extensively for development and publicity purposes thereafter, including proving tests to Algeria & Morocco in December 1969 and to France & Switzerland in May 1970 (there are photo's of these trips in the extensive history folder)

She was not mollycoddled during her life with the Factory, and as an engineering prototype was given rigorous use to ensure that when production cars hit the market most problems had been ironed out

Remember the Official Press launch of the Range Rover was not until June 1970 and then for the Customer launch came along in September 1970

Kept by the Factory until 1973 she was then sold and has been kept by a number of private collectors since

Whilst she was restored 18 years ago and remains in solid usable condition, she is no Concours Queen

This is possibly the most famous Range Rover ever and can only grow in importance with time - the Grand Father SUV from whose seed all of today's luxury 4 x 4 grew


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