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1995 Porsche 993

Story and History

1995 Porsche 993 Carrera Club Sport RS

Here we have an incredibly rare, truly fantastic Club Sport version of the M003 RS 993 Porsche.

Being the most rare version – having only 113 of the M003 specs built – it personifies what Porsche were trying to achieve with their final air cooled car. To us therefore, makes it the perfect version to have.

In April 1995, she spent most of her time blessing the streets of Germany, where her first owner Gerhard Hassler put her to good use on the road, accumulating the majority of the mere 48.500 miles she has on her clock now!

She resided alongside Mr. Hassler even when he moved to Australia in 1997 where he registered and began to use her for full-throttle fun. He entered her for the Australian GT Production Car Championship where she was spotted and further purchased by a dedicated racing group, Bob Forbes Racing Team.

They put her again to great use in entering her into 7 out of the 8 rounds of the series, achieving some fastest laps and fastest qualifying times too. Driven by the son of the owner – Rod – they came 4th with her in the championship despite missing one race.

Being a dedicated racing team they also entered her into GTP and Porsche Cup support races at major Australian Race meetings, as well as the Bathurst 1000 kilometers race, and the Gold Coast Indy car race in 1997, 1998 and 1999 where she went on to win at both. In the hands of Rod Forbes and Cameron McConville, she set lap records here too - well, of course she would have done!

Skea Racing Team then took ownership and continued this race winning further at the Australian GT Production Car Championship.

During her racing career the logbook states that she was fitted with 2 x 3.8L RS and 1 x 3.8L RSR engine – currently with engine number 63S86220, being an identical to the original engine and one supplied by Porsche Germany. As you can see, that have become one of the best circuit racers of the RS Club Sports.

The car has an eclectic & extensive history and expenditure all filed neatly. Including much expenditure in 2005 and again just before being back to UK

She became a private road car in 2005 in Australia and was used for nominal use only and the occasional club meeting.

In 2013, a collector known to us, imported her to the UK where she has been since; being used lightly, and having been restored to her original prime. A sensitive program of work took place upon arrival, achieving 'like new' condition. All this work is detailed in the file, and carried out by Porsche specialist no less. She even sports a MPH speedometer that reads the true mileage too.

The weight saving pedigree of these cars are well known, but the rarer Club Sport took it a stage further; with prominent aero wings front and back, a welded 'Matter' role cage, no interior trim, no electric windows, no air conditioner, no carets or even sound deadening.

As you can evidence from the pictures of the interior, the most recent owner has installed sound deadening and carpets in an effort to equip the interior for some touring (Central Europe was most in evidence) - these have been manufactured in high quality material and are most effective

Of course, they have been installed so as they could be immediately removable should the next owner wish

The car has truly enjoyed a life it was built for - whether on the track, Alpine slopes or the Auto route

Equipped with a road appropriate number 'M100 RSR', it completes the perfect road going, and one of very few in the UK, Club Sport versions.


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