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1989 Range Rover

Story and History

1989 Range Rover Vogue SEa - 3.5 litre & 51.000 miles only

To us the purest of the later 4 door versions and completely delightful because of this

The new to the market Vogue SE was packed to the hilt with delightful bits n pieces. This ensured that the chap who had this to compliment his Bentley Turbo R didn't feel hard done by when climbing aboard his Range Rover

Market research had concluded that most owners of the Bentley also had a Range Rover on their drive too, so this top of the range version was introduced and proved so popular that most versions produced were thus specified

Vogue SE gives you leather interior, burr walnut fascia and door cappings, colour coded wheel centres, air conditioning, electric sunroof, windows, mirrors & front seat operation too

Now the beauty of this example is that it is one of very few produced with the 3.5 litre engine - the more beefy 3.9 coming along very shortly after the Vogue SE was announced

The 3.5 engine with EFi is silky smooth and the rev counter pings around the gauge as the engine spins up so freely - and this is where it is so much more pleasant than the 3.9

This particular example is truly crisp - I have seen lesser described as in concours condition

The last owner should be congratulated for he spotted an exceptional car and fed it with true dedication and passion (together with about �18.000) to ensure the vehicle was always in tip top conditon

Since arrival here in Kensington we have had to do nothing except clean the engine bay - it really is that good

The exterior and interior are simply in gorgeous condition - it's as simple as that!

Of course, all books and papers accompany the history folder and nearly every MoT is within the file also

A truly wonderful motor car with a really nice low mileage


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