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1964 Mercedes Benz

Story and History

1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL - very early example in restored condition

So nice to acquire such an early version of these wonderful sports cars - we say sports cars as the later versions with the larger 7 main bearing engines, whilst smoother are also much more of a boulevard cruiser when compared to these nice little 2.3 litre 6 cylinder engines

Even better in our opinion when mated to the manual gearbox as with this and our last example too

First supplied to the UK market in June 1964 this is one of the desirable early versions with what's known as the upright spare wheel and the chrome trim to the soft top, both of which were deleted pretty soon after launch

The very first cars came at the end of 1963 and only 16 arrived on these shores before 1964 came onto the calender

Supplied with a nice history folder, instruction manual (replacement) and original period sales brochure (with the spare wheel thingy and chrome soft top action) she is today in simply splendid condition

Over the past year she has been stripped, painted, trimmed, carpeted, soft topped, Michelin tyred, shock absorbered and etc etc

In fact there are rafts of bills for parts from Mercedes here, and specialists in Germany and even the US too

Really in totally lovely condition now, her owner from the mid 1990's Mrs Watkinson, would be most proud for she too undertook a complete restoration during her tenure, carried out by Classic Coachbuilders of Sittingbourne, Kent

Pictures and bills are on file to attest to this, as there are for the most recent works carried out in 2015

We have just received the car back from Roger Edwards (another renowned specialist) for a replacement heater box, and a seal kit for this, and the power steering too.

At the same time, the wood trim on the dashboard was replaced, to ensure this was as immaculate as the rest.

MoT's verify that the mileage covered since 1993 until today is less than 20.000 and she was chosen for a comparison test in the well regarded Classic Cars magazine where she faired very well against the 250 and 280 SL's (original magazine within the history folder)

The odometer shows 56.000 miles although we have no way of verifying if this is true

By the way, Mrs W also fitted a stainless steel exhaust, so that could remain without change - one of the few items to be so

The engine has had a top end rebuild and new head gasket as well as a thorough service with new leads, distributor cap and etc

She now runs beautifully, with smooth clutch action (new of course), positive and straight line braking (yes replaced too) and strong acceleration

For those who are obsessed with original features, we are aware that the wheel discs are for the later W113's, but we like them and they smart painted dark blue

Should a new owner wish to change them back to the early 230 wheel disc arrangement, I am sure that we can accommodate this. Oh and by the way this is true of the carpets too by the way

Really can't say how smashing this 230SL is - it's best to have the first of something or the last and this represents the best of the first in our eyes - there are not many others out there to challenge her


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