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1960 Austin Seven

Story and History

1960 Austin Seven "Mini" - 2.650 miles ONLY

Exactly - I couldn't believe it either, but yes, here we have one of the very earliest and rarest versions of this iconic little car which is in completely original condition

Supplied by the Denham Service Station (my father bought a car from them in 1970 - small World indeed) to an elderly Lady owner, who used this car purely to pop down to the local Post Office and collect her weekly pension

There is a battery conditioner, (1960's style) still in the car, so that she was always ready to start after a weeks non use, even in the coldest and most inclement weather conditions

A local garage bought her in the late 1960's at 2.000 miles and, along with all of the other cars in their collection, put her into professional storage

There is documentary evidence to this fact in the history file and she was, together with all of the other cars in the collection, offered for sale through Christies, London in 2002 having been recommissioned by the diligent family beforehand, so that she was ready to be used on a daily (or is that weekly?) basis should the new owner chose to so do

As you can tell from the mileage, he used her sparingly and we are now privileged to be able to offer this, what can be almost described as a museum piece, for sale


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