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1958 MG A

Story and History

1958 MG A roadster - previously restored

A little gem of an MG A and what a gorgeous design to have graced the roads in the mid 1950's - crickey we really did have the sports car market sown up in those days

Everything on is just right on this example - supplied in the UK originally as attested by her Heritage Certificate - she starts, runs, accelerates, brakes and handles impeccably and is real fun in the sun

Slightly oversized chrome wire wheels and radial tyres not only look good on her but also help to improve her already slick handling, road holding and braking too

Lustrous vanilla paintwork is complimented but sumptuous chrome work and black piped vanilla leather interior

There is a modern Moto Lita steering wheel and whilst usually this can look just that, a replacement for the original, on this car it looks just "right" and better than original - it doesn't often work that way

Quite simply put this is a peach of a car and not to be confused with the run of the mill usually offered "over the net"

Probably why the previous owner paid well over �31.000 for her last year


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