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1961 Renault 750/4CV

Story and History

1961 Renault 750/4CV RHD & completely restored & updated with Renault 5 engine

What a little cracker we have for sale - a rare car in period here in the UK, the versions in RHD were almost never seen, and the first time buyer was really whistling in the wind

All of his neighbours would, almost without fail, have chosen the new Mini or any other domestic product

In the normal manner in this period, locals would have chosen the make offered through his village garage, which in turn would have been the local blacksmith previously

Hence many Renault buyers in this period would have chosen the brand as they trusted and relied upon the good offices of his 'garagiste'

Looking for a deal elsewhere was not part of the programme for them - happy and charming times we think

Anyhow let's look at the 750/4CV in essence, as many of us have no reason to know about them

Designed, in secret, during the later years of the 2nd World War, by Renault in Paris it went into production in August 1947 and continued until July 1961, by which time more than 1,100,000 had been produced around the world

Hence our example is not only rare as a RHD version but also one of the very last ever to be made by Renault

Of course, they are now a rare sight in any country, even in France.

RHD versions were assembled in Renault's factory in Acton from December 1949. Renault and Alpine combined to produce the A106, based on the 4CV, which, in 1973, won the World Rally Championship, as the A110.

In Australia and the UK, the car was known as the Renault 750. The model's replacement was the Dauphine, launched in 1956, but the 4CV/750 continued in production until 1961, then being replaced by the Renault 4

This particular car is thought to be the last off the line in Acton

It has been in current owners hands since 1998 and has been totally rebuilt and maintained by Renault specialist, Paul Sage, of Alpine Renault Restoration

In 2002, Paul was given 'carte-blanche' to rebuild it and make it superbly drivable, ie to accelerate, steer and brake in safety and comfort

This he achieved, using (almost) entirely Renault parts – the seats actually come from a TR (OK who knows which TR they are from please? - answers on a post card) and have been completely re-leathered with the rest of the interior, by superb leather artisans who do a lot of work on Bentleys

The new engine installed was from a 1982 Renault R5 of 1400cc fitted with twin downdraft carbs, a stainless bespoke exhaust system, Renault R10 gearbox, R8 front brake discs, rears from a Clio and bespoke cooling system with a motorbike radiator mounted horizontally at the front of the car

In the interim 15 years the car hasn't really been used although, having said that she run and drives like a dream and the cooling system has been more than adequate - thank goodness

Of course the quality of the restoration pinched the pocket to the tune of £35.000 (15 years ago) and we feel that the quality more than justifies the small cost today

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