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The Bentley Drivers Club

William Hunt

Published On: 2022-06-19

The 2022 Bentley Drivers Club Annual Concours

The Bentley Drivers Club held their annual Concours at the impeccably presented Cubberley House. A great collection of cars gathered, and we took 9 along for show!

We bumped into lots of old friends which was lovely, and to take so many cars out of London is a huge task but was great to be there. 

The usual festivities ensued after we set up. A Spitfire zoomed overhead, a 3 piece band 'jiving' away, plenty of quality cars and a good sausage roll here/there. Our line up of cars was in great company, and even Prince Michael of Kent was drawn by our display. Specifically the R Type Continental we restored with reg number 'RAF I'.