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An evening with

William Hunt

Published On: 2022-02-20

An evening with our Rolls-Royce Corniche II and our 1987 Aston Martin Vantag

We chose a moody mid February evening to take out two cars, one luxurious and one aggressive. 

It is good to use your cars, 'they' enjoy it. It gets the fluids moving. Taking our cars out regularly is important, and we do it rotationally to ensure all cars get fair usage. One late february evening, we took these two 'humdingers' out and had them pictured as the mood suited. 

The 1988 Rolls-Royce Corniche we sold shortly after this evening, and she now resides in much more appropriate climates! One of the best around she has a low milage, a full history and was cared for by the few who were allowed the chance. 

The Aston Martin we are offering for sale still. An R.S Williams 7 litre upgraded engine capabale of 455bhp and known to those that know, as 'The Beast'. See more about 'The Beast' here.

'The Beast' stormed around Belgrave Square as the rain came down, and we pulled up outside the pub where the Great Train Robbery was planned, The Star Tavern. It seemed as suitbale as anywhere for such a car and we snapped a few crackers! She started up again on the button, and we gently cruised back to base for a needed dry. a real capable car.