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1936 Bentley 4.25

Story and History

1936 Bentley 4.25 litre Special by Padgett's

B46GA started life as one of the first 4.25 litre Derby's produced, was fitted with a Park Ward saloon body and supplied to P Lyle Esq of the Tate & Lyle Sugar Company in May 1936

Subsequently she passed into the ownership of A H Gold, a motor agent of Welwyn Herts, in 1943 and thence in 1954 to C E Tinn of Newcastle-on-Tyne

All chassis records and build sheets are within the history folder and evidence the above information

Her whereabouts from then until 1986 is unclear - she obviously took a cruise over the pond to our friends in the US for she was registered in Michigan, to the magnificently named Horatio Blackmore Lewis II (I mean really - to name one poor chap by this mantle could be forgiven as an oversight, but to do it for a second time is almost unforgivable)

He was obviously a good chap for he kept her for at least until 1990 and possibly until 2000 when she was repatriated by our friends at the Old Car Co in North Wales

They sold her to the esteemed Lez Kitson of the British Antarctic Survey, who took it upon himself to create the magnificent beast you see in the pictures herewith

He entrusted her to Padgett's whereupon the body was removed and the vehicle completely rebuilt - chassis was restored and shortened by 12", the original engine completely rebuilt, with new con rods (R type Continental versions), pistons, bearings large and small (roller versions too), nitrided crank, reprofiled camshaft, Alfin brake drums, 4 x 19" rolled edge rims, shot blasted and stove enamelled, with 5/7 butted spokes, (304 in total), electronic ignition, electric cooling fan, engine cut out switch, rebuilt instrumentation, Neil Davis racing seats, bespoke 22 gallon aluminium petrol tank, aluminium bodywork over a lightweight tubular frame the list of works is endless and all contained within the history folder for those interested. In fact there is some delightful correspondence between Pagdett's and the commissioner with updates, assessments of what's next and naturally statements of account

The attention to detail is fabulous and to quote from correspondence "the flywheel is back from its' refacing and machine lightening, an amazing 40lbs have been removed. Not too much as we did not want to lose the smoothness, but it should certainly now rev a lot better"

Take a look at the pictures and it's clear this is a top class creation, by engineers and craftsmen who have done this for years, and know what they are doing

The conversion took a good few years to complete and when our local, again American, owner took her over in 2013 she had only just been run in

He has used her when time permits and maintained her in the rudest of health, using specialists Racing Repertoire in Marlow, who would collected her from Kensington before carrying out their works - in fact they inspected her for him prior to purchase and thoroughly recommended it to him

It doesn't just look the part (fold flat windscreen, leather bonnet straps, louvres everywhere) it goes and sounds like a racing car for goodness sakes

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