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1965 Fiat 500 Cinquecento

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Story and History

Amazing condition

We love these little Fiat 500's!

They boast a wonderful and uncluttered cabin with room enough for you and three friends. Amazing considering a modern estate car fits only 1 more person but is 3 times as big!

First registered in 1965, our car has been subject to a restoration by Specialists based in Paris. Whilst being restored and in a concession to modernity, the car features a hidden modern sound system which can be controlled by smart phone, helping pass time stuck in traffic should you not be able to zip or nip around some backroads. Regardless of its simplicity, however, it has always been a staple of Italian culture and big city living, and with the introduction of Fiat's revived 500 in 2007, the original has solidified its position as a true classic.

500's jump fashions too and suit pretty much everyone! From young fashionable ladies driving up and down the kings road, to a Lebanese restaurant owner puffing his cigar and bombing it around Kensington, and even suited up businessmen with briefcase on passenger seat darting around the city - all these we've seen!

A 2 cylinder air cooled 499cc engine powers you along with 18 bhp, and sufficient drum brakes to help stop. The four gears pull you along with just enough power to make it feel swift. With the wheelbase at just slightly over 180cm!!! Parking will literally never be a problem.


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Engine Size
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
Chassis Number
100F 2857695