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1975 Range Rover Classic

Story and History

Incredible condition
Mechanically perfect

We have had a lot of these Range Rover classics over the years, and this is one of the nicest we've seen. Driving around London not only is the driving position superior to most other motorists, but she smoothly goes up through the gears with ease. Lots of comfort inside and a utilitarian feel about the whole experience.

The 2 carb, 3.5 V8 really works well, making a lovely grumbly noise as you drive, and the Masai red bodywork really stands out. A striking colour, design and car.

She was ordered new by a British gentleman, who worked a lot in the Middle East. So after the car left the production line here, she was sent to Tehran where he used her sparingly over only a few years. Similarly, in Afghanistan too.

Just before political unrest and turmoil in the area, he drove her back to the UK via Spain and France, clocking most of mileage the car has - which is very low! When she returned to the UK he tucked her away until around 2013 when a specialist brought her back to working condition.

The most recent owner, a discerning motorist and real enthusiast, has undergone all required works to ensure the car was usable for him and his family for weekend jolly's, spending just shy of £7.000 at marque specialists, and thereafter having us rebuild the carburettors, fit a new radiator, completely tune the engine, and tinker a few things around the car too.

She is in the most ready order with a fantastic and well ordered history file too. With the original owners manual, passport to service, heritage certificate, all vehicle registration certificates (2 owners on the books!), and original build sheets documenting the spec above the retail price (PAS, air conditioning, wing mirrors, underseal, radio, seat-belts.. it goes on)

There are letters between the original owner and the UK Customs & Excise department, repatriating the car in 1978, the receipt for paying the duty. There really is so much to enjoying reading.

All this and in 2016 Classic & Sports Car took her on a drive around town and the country, covering the car with a 5 page article.

A truly spectacular opportunity to own a great looking, very original, low owner, very well kept, classic 'Suffix D' Range Rover. Ultimate style.


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3.5 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
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