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1974 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB

Price: £ 355,000 Info bl

Story and History

Immaculately Restored
1 of 58 UK cars
Featured in a prominent publication

We love a classic Ferrari, especially this quintessentially 1970's super-car.

An Italian, mid-engined, flat-12, quad cam, multi carb'd rocket ship

Think kipper ties, flared trousers, jacket lapels which could be used on the Cresta Run - it goes on and on.

This 365 was a new chapter for road-going Ferraris. It represented a big change having the engine mounted somewhere other than the front!

The Dino of course, now synonymous with Ferrari, didn't wear the prancing horse! So Enzo had to come to terms for his flagship brand to do the same.

The success of Lamborghini helped sway him to the layout of a mid-engined road car - as did his engineers & the Dino - and it resulted in a run of some of the most successful road going super-cars ever created.

Launched in the UK in 1973 they made 58 in RHD, priced at £15,492. A massive amount for the period.

Our car was originally ordered from Ferrari S.p.A by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd, Surrey - the original order form stamped by Ferrari S.p.A in the file.

She wore the plate 'A 23' and modelled, on track and leaning through a corner nicely, for a very well renowned book titled 'Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer'. Her picture is fittingly on page 58! And the book supplied with the car.

A renowned motoring family purchased the car near 10 years ago and commissioned the interior to be completely re-trimmed, the bodywork sorted and repainted (ever so well), and the engine to be completely overhauled. Notably the engine was done by the chaps at Graypaul, started by the emiment David Clark, and the results are remarkable. Receipts for all this are in the file and count up to a large sum.

She has since not driven much and shows slightly over 15,000 miles. Driving her through town the engine sound roared, her responsiveness pin-point and the gated gear change shouts “you're in a Ferrari!!!!” Every shift. So good.

She has the best features too. From an updated stereo system from our friends at Auto Audio to the tune of £6,000, the 9” rear wheels which does add to the overall look of the Boxer. original tool kit, an isolator switch for storage and a trickle charger fitted too. Nice also is the 6 exhaust outlets at the rear, only found on the original Boxer's with many updated to the 4 outlets in period. No expense has been spared.

The car has since being restored been very well looked after, and the most recent service was the belt service. Since then the car has not been driven.

Upon receiving her to be certain of the cars readiness we sent her to Meridien Ferrari to have a general check over done, a test & report and now, she is ready to go.

All in all this is a magnificent opportunity to have, use, look at, and enjoy a true icon of Ferrari.


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Engine Size
4390 cc
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual
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