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2004 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S

Price: £ 98,750 Info bl

Story and History

Press car colour combination

Lovely low miles

Brilliant value

These stunning Aston Martins are, in our humble opinion, one of the best 'modern' cars available to buy for less than £100,000

One could easily cover thousands of miles in immense comfort at an equally immense speed and arrive in one of the most stylish and well proportioned designs of the last 20 years... Well done Mr Ian Callum

In the case of our car the colour scheme is one for a true gentleman as opposed to the usual blue, grey or all too obvious green. The car it must be said looks fabulous in the colour - Toro Red Mica - surely the best colour for them

Aston Martin clearly thought so as they had one in these colours for the Motor Show and indeed, the first owner saw this specification on the stand, loved it and ordered the very same, as you see here

There are those who say the gearbox is too slow for driving around town, bit of a contradiction as driving around town is inherently slow. However, in fact it works rather well, one need only lift off the accelerator pedal for a small moment to allow the box to change very smoothly indeed

When attacking the change is fast and positive, whilst the wailing exhaust note is left far behind you, as are most other cars

With only 23,000 miles our car is in that wonderful sweet spot of not being so low you're worried to use her and not high at all so the interior and car as a whole is still so fresh and lovely

With only a few owners from new and fresh off a service one would be very hard pressed to find something as mega as this

Production numbers for these are pleasingly low for a modern car only 1,086 'S''s were produced out of circa 2500 total cars, naturally ours is an 'S'

The amount of car for the money here is truly 'astonishing' and sure to not be left behind in the value stakes for much longer….


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