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1991 Range Rover CSK

Price: £ 74,750 Info bl

Story and History

Very rare

Restored condition

Increasingly cool

We sold this rather excellent CSK only a couple of years ago after she had gone through a complete nut & bolt restoration, since then only 1500 miles or so have been covered

We were of course very happy to see her again when she was delivered back to us and as you might expect she had been very well cared for whilst away with her most recent owner

He liked to use her when he was in the UK but found himself over here less and less and now with the pandemic won't be revisiting in the foreseeable future, as such he doesn't need a car over here anymore so we get the good fortune of being able to offer her for sale again

Our support of the classic Range Rover is well known as we do think they are such fantastic cars and the CSK is the pinnacle of the classic body shape

So named as a tribute to Charles Spencer King CBE, who apprenticed at Rolls-Royce before joining his uncles who were running Rover in 1945, the CSK was a limited run car with only 200 ever being produced

They were available new with both a manual (£28,995) and automatic transmissions (£30,319), it's said fewer autos were produced although exactly how many we can't say. What we do know is it is certainly still the more desirable of the two

Since we've had her back she's had a full service, going through the whole drivetrain, exhaust and brakes ensuring everything runs as it should, we also fitted a remote central locking system as a little modern addition

She drives beautifully utilising that smooth V8 to great effect and sound and continues to look cooler with each year that goes by

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