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1950 Bentley MK VI Special by Bob Ford & Paul Gibbs

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Story and History

Bentley Mark VI Special by Bob Ford & Paul Gibbs
A rather special example

We do admire these MK VI Specials, and think they best represent what a true British gentleman might create in lieu of an American hot-rod. Our car has a lovely story behind how it came to be.

There are two MK VI specials built to this specification, the first was created by Michael Haig Esq who is one of the very best experts in the world on all things MK VI. His car was created first and it was his neighbour George Shore Esq who commissioned the build of our car.

Mr Shore first bought the car in 1989 as a standard MK VI, and upon seeing his neighbours version parked on the driveway must have been affected by driveway envy and decided on doing the same to his.

Mr Haig very kindly shared the drawings used for his car although he requested that they not be exactly the same, so there a couple of distinct differences, although without the cars being side by side, no one would necessarily notice.

Expert craftsman Bob Ford, a true artisan who did everything by hand and eye, created the touring body before Paul Gibbs of Wisbech Engineering completed all the chassis, engine and mechanical work.

Bob Ford started his career at Williams & Pritchard where he made lightweight bodies for British sports and racing, sometimes even Grand Prix cars, before starting his own business where he built bodies for some of the most well thought of Bentley specials including this one.

Paul Gibbs, sadly no longer with us, was extremely well known for his work of outstanding quality and his business, Wisbech Engineering is still run by his son today.

So good is the quality of Ford & Gibbs' work that their creation featured on the cover of 'Bentley Specials & Special Bentleys' by Ray Roberts a must have in any automotive library.

Our car first came to Wisbech in August 1996, they began by stripping everything back to the bare chassis and sandblasting the whole thing to leave a blank canvas on which to create the motorcar we now have today.

Safe in the knowledge that the old engine was destined to be replaced with a 6¾ litre Bentley V8 they began with the brakes. Choosing Mercedes discs (DF1574) all round with Jaguar 3 pot calipers from the XJS on the front & Cosworth calipers and pads on the rear.

Numerous modifications were made to the suspension, anti-roll bars & moog track rod ends were fitted in addition to bespoke caliper brackets being manufactured.

Once all the suspension had been fitted the axle's, new engine & gearbox were all positioned to ensure they were on the right track. Once satisfied they were the engine and gearbox were removed to allow space for working.

Mr Shore was regularly consulted on progress of the build and this is documented in the 50 page book spelling out exactly what was carried out and when - and Mr Haig was also consulted during the build where he was most helpful.

Many new parts had to be manufactured from scratch and the overall quality of the works is as good as you could find anywhere.

Classic Bentley's are of course some of the most exquisite hand made items available to purchase, but one does marvel at the extent to which this car has been laboured over.

The engine was tuned in house by Wisbech and mated to a Bentley Turbo 400 3 speed automatic to handle the extra power, as well as the braking & suspension upgrades. Teamed together with power brakes and power steering not only is she fast but she's remarkably easy to drive.

Once all the work was completed in December of 1998 the magnitude of their creation was evident for all to see, winning the concourse at the BDC in Hatfield House the following year.

She would be kept for the next two decades by Mr Shore until our esteemed colleagues at P&A Wood purchased her. In their charge for only a few months before she was snapped up by the first appropriate suitor who kept her in his motor house, with 8 other Bentley's.

Only 5.000 miles have been travelled in the interim period and she still looks and feels brand new.

We do recommend an in person viewing to fully appreciate the craftsmanship that's gone into what must be the best MK VI special available anywhere.


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