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1976 Rolls-Royce Corniche Drop Head Coupe

Story and History

1976 Rolls-Royce Corniche DHC
Series 1A
1 family owned & 11.200 miles ONLY!!

The Corniche model was produced in the London Mulliner Park Ward (MPW) factory alongside the Camargue and Phantom VI motorcars - all of which were completely hand made

As these cars were so expensive (for the record a Corniche was 50% more expensive than a Shadow, and you could buy 2 Jensen Interceptors or 5 E Type's for the price of a new Corniche!!), the owners saw production upgrades prior to the "normal" production cars which were built in Crewe

So in 1976 the Corniche benefitted with items which were not available for the Silver Shadow until the Series II arrived

This in turn produced, what could be considered, the Holy Grail as the Series 1A Corniche has the chrome bumpers, which everybody prefers, whilst internally a new leather steering wheel adorned the completely new fascia and a new bi-level air conditioning system was incorporated (the best system which continued in production until 2003), front subframe with rack and pinion steering, twin exhaust pipes with sharper handling too

Obviously not many were produced for sure (I think only 48 Corniche DHC), and finding one with one family ownership and only 11.200 miles since new must make this example one of a kind

Superb colour combination makes things even better - the hood is remarkable, fitting almost like new whilst the interior hides are soft and supple

Original lambs wool over mats are still in place and have not shrunk - amazing really and the veneers could be mistaken for new still after 44 years

Engine bay is original and we chose not to pretty her up for the time being - this can be done for a new owner is required

Chrome is unmarked too

Paintwork does show some signs previous repair work - again we can amend this with our Rolls-Royce apprenticed painter, so she can be as new if required

She came to us 2 years ago after many, many years in storage in her home in Kensington

We recommissioned her at the time, have since been storing her in our secret storage unit in Battersea and have run her up every month and serviced her each year on a time basis

Engine and gearbox are seamless in use as are the windows and hood mechanism

A later radio has been installed where the original cassette unit was located - again we can re-instate this for a new owner if desired

So, there we go - a once in a lifetime opportunity for lucky bunny


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Previously Sold
Engine Size
6750 cc
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic
Miles Recorded
Chassis Number
DRH 25461

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