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2002 Kawasaki W650

Story and History

2002 Kawasaki W650 - "Rickman style Cafe Racer"

We have been introduced to this fabulous family business with mum, dad & son and they create the most wonderful retro style motorbike

Previously they have been commissioned to build a fair few Café Racer Tritons, Rocket Gold Stars, BSA A65 Clubmans, and a Royal Enfield Continental

This 2002 Kawasaki W650 was their first foray into the world of converting a completely standard 'modern' road bike into a Café Racer

The internet is alive with customized hipster-fashioned 'Brat' bikes, however it was thought better to make something a little bit more “Rock 'n' Roll”

Kawasaki W650 model is the best based model these types of conversion as it has, as standard, the basic looks of a classic British motorcycle

Going back in time for a moment, Kawasaki manufactured 'W' models as early as 1967 with the W1, W2 and W3 bikes, which were originally built by the Meguro Manufacturing Company under licence from BSA

Meguro merged with Kawasaki in the late 50s/early 60s and were eventually taken over in 1962, once Kawasaki Heavy Industries had garnered enough knowledge and expertise from Meguro to manufacture their own brand bikes

The original frame geometry and the resultant handling characteristics of the bike remain virtually unchanged. There were no any advantage in altering something that the Kawasaki R&D department had spent a lot of time and money developing and getting pretty damn near perfect.

No need to change the Kawasaki's chassis either, bearing in mind that the objective was to create a retro style look and feel underpinned by the expected reliability of established, modern electrical and mechanical systems

Many of the parts are truly bespoke having been manufactured in house including the heel guards, dummy steering damper, engine plates and chain guard

On this particular bike a small alteration to the rear subframe had to be made to accommodate the rear light and number plate bracket - this modification was also done in house within their own machine shop, as was fabrication of the rear number plate holder along with all of the metal polishing

The custom built Ducati style single seat is still removable by using the key, the Manx style fuel tank is hand made too with highly polished aluminium and the Raask rear sets and 'clip-on' handlebars give the rider a true 'Café Racer' riding position

The exhaust note is incredibly close to that of the café racers of the 1960's & 1970's and with the standard 676cc engine giving more than enough for a bracing ride

The headlight and front indicators are incorporated into the Rickman style fairing giving an aerodynamic shape and a very beautiful line too

The standard Kawasaki brake lines have been replaced with stainless steel braided lines to further improve stopping power, the frame has been powder coated in a high gloss silver finish which compliments the bright red paintwork

We could carry on waxing lyrical about both their quality of works and simple and engaging enthusiasm........

All we need to say is that outside of work, they go racing for fun - using their own bikes with, of course, they prepare themselves

A most superior machine and one could almost suggest that this particular bike is unique

Modern production methods from Japan ensure that this beauty is going to get you home whilst at the same time she will not look out of place at the ACE Cafe mods & rockers gatherings at any time

Only 23.000 miles on the mechanicals - I'm sure the next 23.000 will be more fun too

This Café Racer creation was built as a 'showpiece' - it perfectly exhibits the quality of the motorcycles this family are able to create

We can offer you this one off piece or we can customise anything else - the world is your oyster and we can, with their help, fulfill your motorbike dreams


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