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1933 Singer Le Mans

Story and History

1933 Singer Le Mans with complete period competition history

This lovely example of the well received Singer Le Mans is true to the original cars driving capabilities

Much used in period as an alternative to the MG sports cars, the Singer was thrust upon the waiting buyers after great success at Le Mans in the 1933 - hence the model name used by the factory

With a peppy 4 cylinder twin carb 1.0 litre engine pushing out 34 bhp and a 4 speed manual gearbox these little sporting cars were al the rage with the young blades in Service and also could show a leg against the well considered MG's in Trails

Indeed our lovely little version, has a famous pedigree of Trails usage between 1934 and 1937 with many listings in the monthly magazines and the like - many pictures accompany the history folder too

The driver and owner was a chap called Leslie MacDonald and he used the Singer extensively in Trails and with much success - the listed notes of his outings show many Bronze and Silver Medals as well as many First places too

In the 4 year period he competed in 35 events!!

Anyhow getting back to the future now, or at least where we are today, this very tidy old girl, starts on the button and drives supremely well

The history folder is bulging with many other interesting details of her life over her post war existence and she has certainly been well loved by her owners

We rather enjoy using her and will be sorry to see her go......


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