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1956 Bentley S

Story and History

1956 Bentley S Series Saloon - 55.000 miles ONLY

There was a time when gentleman really cared about their "motor cars" and records were logged, tags were kept and history files were made up of more than just a stamped service voucher booklet from the local dealership

The 1950's seems to have had it's fair share of these gentleman and here we are again with another meticulously looked after "motor car"

Taking delivery in March 1956 R K Harrison Esq had requested many special features on this, the latest model available from Bentley Motors to include a fascia fitted wireless, from His Master's Voice and marketed by Smiths Radiomobile - there is the original instruction manual within the extensive history file (.... allow 10 minutes for the receiver to warm up thoroughly!!)

There are also locking devices to each bonnet handle, petrol pump testing switch, door to driver's cubby, speedometer in miles & kilos, fire extinguisher, Bray heater and an additional speaker to the rear parcel shelf

Mr Harrison was a keen member of the BDC and had been since 1949

He replaced a 1949 MK VI Bentley when he purchased the S Series, keeping her in good company alongside a 4 1/4 litre Thrupp & Maberley at the family home

There is a meticulous BP Energol maintenance log book from 1956 until 1967 (35.821 miles) and following MoT's until 1974 (42.495 miles)

In 1975 R K Harrison Esq passed away and the B 137 BC remained within one of the coach-houses at the family home - during the period 1975 to 1994 his son, A W K Morrison, would regularly start B 137 BC and drive her around the drives and tracks of the family home until the engine had reached operating temperature whilst she remained officially "off the road"

In 1979 he had the original supplying dealership Martin Walter Ltd carry out a major service and relicensed her prior to a trip with his family to Provence and back

From October 1979 until January 1994 she was not to be relicensed or driven on the public highway at all, solely on the drives and tracks of the family home

In 1994 his mother sold this home and B 137 BC had to be removed - she was taken to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London Service Centre and completely recommissioned and eventually left there in January 1995, ready to be sold

Her second owner was a renowned car collector from Holland who kept her for the next 16 years, adding only another 11.000 miles during his ownership

B 137 BC is in delightful, original condition, as these pictures indicate

Her first owners obviously treasuring her whilst having her maintained at the correct places, in the correct manner - she still starts on the button running and riding beautifully

B 137 BC is a joy to behold, a treat to use and awaits now nothing more than the next chapter to begin in her long and illustrious life story


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